• April 12, 2024

Travis Scott Posts Rare Instagram Remark on Kylie Jenner 2023

Fans were perplexed over the weekend when Travis Scott left a tender comment under a photo of Kylie Jenner, just months after rumors of their breakup.

The “Highest in the Room” rapper commented, “A beauty,” on a Kylie Cosmetics Instagram post depicting the cosmetics mogul behind the scenes of a photoshoot for her forthcoming mascara launch.

Aire, 1, and Stormi, 5, are Scott and Jenner’s children. Rumors of a split spread when Scott cheated on Jenner.

In October, the Houston native claimed on his Instagram Stories that he had never met model Rojean Kar, who claimed to have dated the rapper and attended one of his music video shoots. Scott wrote, “There’s a great deal of strangeness occurring.” “While I was directing a video, an uninvited individual was taking photographs on what was supposed to be a closed set. This is the last time I will say it. I do not know this individual. I have never been with this individual. Therefore, please cease your constant cyber diversions and fictional narratives.”

Jenner has never responded publicly to the allegations, and she has not been seen with the rapper in recent months. Since 2017, the couple has dated on and off, momentarily breaking up in 2019 before reconciling a year later.

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