• May 22, 2024

James Mangold Is Writing DC’s “Swamp Thing” 2023

It is occurring. Under the supervision of James Gunn and Peter Safran, director James Mangold has verified that he will be writing Swamp Thing for DC. Speaking with Collider’s Steve Weintraub at Star Wars Celebration Europe in London, following the announcement of his jump to hyperspace in the Star Wars universe – Mangold will direct a film set around the Dawn of the Jedi for Lucasfilm and Disney – the director was asked about his long-rumored return to comics, having been linked with directing Swamp Thing for some time.

He also said that he will be writing the script for his Star Wars movie at the same time.

Before elaborating, he stated that he was composing both projects in response to Weintraub’s question about his ties to Swamp Thing and whether or not he would be involved with it prior to Star Wars.

Late in January, Gunn and Safran announced and detailed Swamp Thing in an effort to demonstrate how tonally diverse they intended to create their own iteration of the DC universe. The film will delve into the “dark origins” of the titular character, formerly known as the brilliant scientist Alex Olsen, who was gravely burned by chemicals and fused with the swamp he studied after jumping into the water to save himself. It is anticipated that the film will emphasize the supernatural horror elements of the fan-favorite character.

What is the origin of the Swamp Thing?

Although he made his début in 1971 in a stand-alone narrative, Swamp Thing’s popularity peaked in the 1980s. Created by author Alan Moore and illustrator Bernie Wrightson, whom Mangold cited as a significant source of inspiration for his version of the creature, the team along with John Totleben and Stephen R. Bissette altered the dynamic and stepped it up a notch. The character shifted towards much more mature and complex themes in comics, while also introducing iconic characters, such as John Constantine, one of Swamp Thing’s closest and longest-running allies, and Abigail Arcane, his love interest who sees the man beneath the sludge. Since then, Swamp Thing has remained a fan favorite, appearing in numerous DC Comics titles.

Before tackling Star Wars and Swamp Thing, Mangold’s impending Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny is scheduled to be released this summer. Stay tuned to Collider for updates on the film Swamp Thing.

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