• April 19, 2024

Kiana Madeira Remembers Ross Butler Punching Her in ‘Perfect Addiction’ Stunt Fail 2023

Kiana Madeira is more aware of stunt safety now that she’s been hit with it — literally.

While filming the upcoming film “Perfect Addiction” with her “Fear Street” co-star Ross Butler, the “Fear Street” star told TooFab about a tragedy that taught her valuable lessons.

Madeira recalled filming a sequence in which her character Sienna demands that Butler’s character Kayden strike her in an MMA gym.

“Fear Street” actor also said why filming sex scenes with the “Riverdale” star was “really comfortable.”

“He throws a right hook, and it was definitely choreographed, but I didn’t duck enough, and he hit me in the side of the head with his right hook,” the “Trinkets” star explained. “The gym where we were filming had such dramatic acoustics. His blow literally reverberated throughout the entire room.”

“I was fine,” she affirmed. “Praise God! This made me a stronger combatant because I learned the value of being in the moment. As if you cannot be mentally distracted for even a second. Our stunt coordinator would inquire, “Okay, what did you learn?” to which I would respond, “Duck.”

Madeira underwent rigorous training, which included Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu courses, to prepare for the film adaptation of Wattpad. She also hired a personal trainer who guided her through weightlifting, cardio, and high intensity interval training, among other physical fitness exercises.

The actress stated that she was not required to adhere to a special regimen and felt no pressure from producers to achieve a particular physique.

“No one put me on a special diet or anything, which was actually really refreshing,” Kiana admitted. “I simply ate intuitively to ensure that I had enough stamina to train as intensely as I was. But there was no pressure from producers or anyone else to consume in a particular fashion, which was extremely pleasant.”

In contrast to her battle scenes, Madeira disclosed that her intimate scenes with Butler were flawless. In fact, the actress referred to them as “a walk in the park” in comparison to other physical feats she was required to perform.


On April 14, “Perfect Addiction” will be available on demand.

Even though she had previously worked with an intimacy coordinator, the Toronto native confessed that she had never filmed “an intimate scene that was that long, that intense, and that choreographed.”

By the time director Castille Landon was ready to film the sex sequences, Kiana and Ross had been working on the project for two months, giving them ample time to get to know each other before exposing themselves.

“It was a fantastic experience,” she said. “It felt very effortless. Castie Landon, our director, is a true professional who understands exactly what images she wants.”

It did not feel like something was being drawn on, and we did not feel uncomfortable or anything. He was merely efficient, professional, and accommodating.”

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