• April 19, 2024

Five Bollywood tracks by Aima Baig remain unreleased 2023

Despite their political hostility, Pakistan and India share a passion for art. Numerous artists who have worked in the neighboring country and are wildly popular there have done so. Prior to India’s ban on Pakistani artists, a number of actors and musicians had inked contracts with Indian production companies. Recently, Aima Baig disclosed in a podcast with Shahveer Jafry that she has rendered five songs for Bollywood.

The Coke Studio singer stated, “Myself and some of my fellow members, whom you may also know, each recorded five songs before the 2016 incident,” referring to the prohibition. Jafry asked her if the tunes were ever released, and Baig responded, “No, but they will be… one day.”

She disclosed that one of the tunes was composed for a film starring Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan. “The tracks were recorded in Dubai. I was never permitted to enter India. I worked with incredible producers, with whom I had always desired to collaborate.

“If they don’t get released there, I’ll release them here,” she said, adding that she does not own the compositions’ rights. “But I’ll find a way,” chuckled Baig.

Rejecting Baarwan Khiladi

Mahira Khan’s production series Baarwan Khiladi, starring Jafry, Danyal Zafar, Khaqan Shahnawaz, Zarrar Khan, Kinza Hashmi, and Hina Ashfaque, was rumored to have included the musical performer. Baig was offered the role of Ashfaque, who portrayed Jafry and Zafar’s romantic interest on the program.

When she was offered the role four years ago, the ‘Baazi’ singer had arthritis and was in a wheelchair because her bones were swollen. “I was confined to a wheelchair for approximately six months while simultaneously touring Punjab.”

“I was eventually prescribed Methotrexate, a chemotherapy medication. I lost most of my hair and gained weight as a result of taking 12 steroid pills every morning in order to function. “I went to a doctor in New York because it was so serious,” she said.

“In those days, this was triggered, so I told Mahira Khan this.” She added that she did not feel secure sharing this with the other series creators, so she only told Khan. “Mahira is the kindest, though I do not know why. “I’ve never met anyone more pleasant than her,” said Baig.

Khan told the singer that her relative also suffered from arthritis, so she understands how it operates.

“This is how the problem was resolved discreetly, and now there is no conflict between us. The ‘Malang’ singer added, “Thanks to Mahira for actually understanding my situation back then.”

Offer from Netflix

In discussing other acting opportunities, the singer disclosed that streaming behemoth Netflix had offered her a series. “Barwaan Khiladi was not the first offer I received; prior to this, I received offers from multiple films and television series. Recently, I have also been considering another. The YouTuber inquired if it was a movie or a drama, to which Baig replied, “It’s actually a Netflix web series.”

“However, I wish to build a career as a musician. She added, “I really want my original music to be out in the world before I venture into anything else.”

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