• July 19, 2024

John Wick Chapter 4: Box Office Day 3: A Hit in India 2023

Since the first paid previews were conducted on Thursday, it appears like John Wick: Chapter 4 is turning out to be a good success in India as well. The number of people going to see the movie has been increasing with each passing day.

Although the series is quite successful in the United States, it is only suitable for a specific demographic because to the hard-core action genre it belongs to. This type of action focuses less on flying automobiles and more on man-on-man conflict.

These types of movies don’t really have a tremendous appeal everywhere, but notably in India, where it’s more about the Marvel movies or the ones that belong to the Fast & Furious or Mission: Impossible kind that perform well at the box office.

On the other hand, this Keanu Reeves vehicle stands out as an exception since it has been able to attract a sizeable and appreciative audience to itself. This is evident from the day-on-day increase that has been noticed in receipts, which currently stand at an amazing 27 crores.

In point of fact, the movie ended up getting very near to a double-digit score on Sunday with 9.50 crores, which is pretty excellent considering that one would have anticipated these figures to represent the weekend numbers instead. Despite this, viewers have shown a preference for continuing to watch this article about

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