• May 24, 2024

J-Hope is happy of Jimin’s debut solo album Face, RM’s Like Crazy writing, and BTS fans’ “rough time.” 2023

BTS member Jimin released his debut solo album Face and the music video for Like Crazy on Friday. Like Crazy, a synth-pop song, showcases Jimin’s emotive voice. Like Crazy depicts denying reality to avoid suffering. During Jimmy Fallon’s program, Jimin shares his favorite nickname and discusses Face’s motivation.

Social media users commented on the music. Someone said, “Finally: retro disco pop ballad. Like mad.” Commentary read, “Crazy tune. Angels spoke in my ears? I’m prepared to have whiplash from this CD!” Fan wrote, “Grandiose album. Love Jimin’s style. Weekend vibes! He provided key visuals.”

Face is the winner of all future awards.

“Our hardworking angel,” tweeted. “I would now declare Face the winner of all forthcoming award shows. Just stating, “tweeted a fan. “I’m having a hard enough time!!!!” read a remark. “I’m absolutely adoring everything about the CD and Park Jimin,” a fan remarked.

RM and J-Hope responded to the album. On Friday, RM posted a Like Crazy screenshot on Instagram Stories. “I wrote lyrics!” RM tagged Jimin. J-Hope posted the Like Crazy YouTube link on Instagram Stories with heart-on-fire emojis. “Proud of @j.m.” J-Hope wrote, “You’ve worked hard” on Alone.

Jimin stated in a Spotify Twitter video, “I don’t know what you’ll think of the songs since this album is for me. I’m not flawless, but perhaps you’ll be shocked I made this. Thank you.”

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Jimin stated, “This record, as many know, chronicles my pandemic emotions. I’d be pleased if many could connect.” Jimin’s album includes Face-off, Interlude: Dive, Like Crazy, Alone, Set Me Free Pt.2, and Like Crazy (English Version).

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