• June 25, 2024

Is Dan Reynolds’ wife divorcing him because of Minka Kelly? 2023

Aja Volkman, the wife of American vocalist Dan Reynolds, has filed for divorce after ten years of marriage and a year of separation. Netizens believe that the divorce petition may be related to his recent relationship with Minka Kelly. Continue reading to learn more about the former couple and the leader of Imagine Dragons’ new relationship.

Is Aja Volkman filing for divorce due to the relationship between Dan Reynolds and Minka Kelly?
Volkman filed for divorce in Los Angeles on April 18th, nearly a year after announcing their separation. The couple, who share four children, separated in September, and months later, Reynolds was linked to actress Minka Kelly as his new companion.

After Dan Reynolds started dating Minka Kelly, Aja Volkman filed for divorce.

“After 7 wonderful years together, Aja and I have decided to terminate our marriage. Our children remain the most important aspect of our lives, and we will continue to co-parent them with all of our affection. The singer had tweeted at the time, “Please respect our privacy at this time as we work through this as a family.”

According to reports, Volkman and Reynolds decided to divorce in 2018, but reconciled a year later. With the filing for divorce and Reynolds’ new relationship, it appears this time that the former couple is concluding their relationship for good. In 2010, they met at the Las Vegas nightclub Wasted Space, where they were both performing.

“It appeared that music was our only connection. But as we came to know each other on a more personal level, we discovered that our hearts shared so many similarities that it was frightening. I had never before met someone with whom I felt an immediate connection. Her entire appearance captivated me. Reynolds told LA Weekly in 2012 about his marriage to Volkman, “I had to know her.”

Is Dan Reynolds’s relationship with Minka Kelly the reason of tension between him and his wife?

“We will certainly be an unconventional family. We attempt to avoid comparing our family to others. Every day, we wake up and make decisions that we believe are best for us. I believe our offspring are in for a wild ride,” he had added. Nico Vega’s lead singer, aged 43, and Imagine Dragons’ lead singer, aged 35, wed in March 2011 and announced their separation a decade later.

In November 2022, Reynolds sparked dating rumors with Kelly, and the two were soon observed engaging in PDA on multiple dates. In May 2022, she ended a nearly two-year relationship with comedian Trevor Noah, with whom she had been involved.

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