• March 1, 2024

CeeLo Green’s horse incident explained as rapper replies to anger 2023

The American singer-songwriter CeeLo Green has finally addressed the incident in which PETA criticized him for visiting a party while riding a horse. The artist rode a horse to the birthday party honoring the late rapper Shawty Lo.

Commenting on Instagram about the entire incident, the Kung Fu Fighter singer highlighted that the horse was unharmed. He reassured his fans and followers that the event had not harmed the animal involved.

He said in the video that he loved animals and would never harm them. According to him, he fell because the dance floor tiles were supposedly too slick for the animal.

Netizens were frightened when the American singer and composer fell from his horse, and when he cleared the air, they have expressed a number of similar sentiments. Many individuals felt that CeeLo was “too large” for the animal, and one individual even stated:

Lisa Lange, senior vice president of the non-profit animal rights organization PETA, issued the following statement:

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