• May 21, 2024

Kelly Ripa describes her Facetime connection with Mark and their sexual routines 2023

Kelly Ripa gave some insight into how she and her actor husband, Mark Consuelos, maintained connected while he was away working during the epidemic. Mark Consuelos was filming on location at the time, so the couple was physically apart.

Ripa disclosed that in order to keep their long-distance relationship together, they had to rely on various forms of virtual communication, including video conversations.

She claimed that in order to keep things fresh, they would sometimes engage in “sexual virtual” sessions during video conversations. Ripa also said on a podcast that in order to keep the romance alive despite the physical distance between them, she would make sure to portray the most flattering aspect of herself to her boyfriend during their Facetime meetings.

In spite of the fact that it was a difficult period for the couple, they were able to make their relationship work by being connected in whatever manner that was feasible.

We had sexual rituals that were so….

Kelly and Mark Ripa, along with their marriage counselor, Dr. Linda Carter, appeared on the first edition of Kelly Ripa’s SiriusXM podcast titled “Let’s Chat Off Camera with Kelly Ripa.” In this episode, the pair discussed how they have been able to have such a good relationship.

The conversation centered on how the two of them were able to keep their connection strong despite the fact that they had to spend a significant amount of time apart while Marks was preoccupied with filming an unpresented scenario caused by a pandemic.

She provided a description of the routine that they followed on a daily basis and stated, “There were rituals. Is it all right if I tell you something? We engaged in sexual activities that were completely absurd while using FaceTime.

She went on to speak, and then she stated, “After seeing myself on FaceTime for the first time, I became so concerned about how I looked that I began to rig the computer so that it would dangle from a ladder. I’m not joking.

I suspended the computer from the top of a ladder so that I could gaze up at Mark without him having to witness what the effects of gravity were truly having on me. In circumstances in which you are separated from your husband for extended periods of time, you have a lot more opportunity to focus on getting to know yourself.”

Ripa began her professional life as a dancer, and she made her debut as an actress in the television series Dance Party USA. She then went on to star in a number of other films and television series before earning the role that would prove to be her career-defining performance on All My Children in the year 1990.

She first came to widespread attention when she began appearing alongside Regis Philbin on the renowned morning talk show Live with Regis and Kelly. In addition, she became well-known for her performance as Hayley Vaughan on the television soap opera All My Children.

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