• July 25, 2024

True Lies Exclusive First Look Shows Tom Arnold Causing Taskers Trouble and An Arnold Schwarzenegger Reference 2023

In 2023, True Lies, the TV adaptation of the 1994 Arnold Schwarzenegger-Jamie Lee Curtis film, featured thrilling spy action. Tom Arnold guest-stars in the next episode for show and movie enthusiasts! He played Gib in the 1994 film and will play a former Omega spy on CBS. In an exclusive first look (above), the ex-spy causes issues for Harry and Helen and makes the first of many Arnold Schwarzenegger references.

In this preview of True Lies’ April 26 episode “Bitter Sweethearts,” Tom Arnold is no Gib. Instead, he’s a former Omega operative who’s definitely not eager to return to the job and revive a certain romance from his spy days.

When he escapes, his statements about not mixing romance and Omega may mean more to Harry and Helen than he realizes, and he causes difficulty for everyone. Arnold Schwarzenegger? Arnie isn’t named after Tom Arnold!

“Arnie” will use some of Tom Arnold’s improvised dialogue from the 1994 comedy, which was cast at James Cameron’s request.

I’m curious if the previous Gib and the CBS Gib (Omar Miller) will appear together. After Harry punched Arnie in the face for fleeing, his cooperation may be crucial.

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He was lucky that Harry’s exploits didn’t need “really, really hard work” from star Steve Howey. Arnie seems more concerned about Sharon than the Omega spycraft.

Kate Vernon, known for her multi-episode appearances on Falcon Crest, Nash Bridges, and Battlestar Galactica, will play Sharon. Arnie’s recollections of Sharon—including her taking the ice cube trays when she departed years ago—make her an intriguing figure.

Luckily, Tom Arnold (who recently appeared on ABC’s The Rookie: Feds) will soon join True Lies’ spycraft. CBS airs True Lies’ “Bitter Sweethearts” episode on Wednesday, April 26 at 10 p.m. Arnold as a guest star will be an interesting twist since the program has been mostly independent from the movie (one star was “completely in the dark” about it before auditioning).

With the two-part Season 1 finale on May 17, now is the chance to see all new episodes and stream any you missed with a Paramount+ subscription. Keep watching—the freshman series hasn’t been renewed for 2023-2024!

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