• July 25, 2024

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell rumors begin 2023

There is abundant evidence to suggest that Glen Powell broke up with his fiancée in order to start a relationship with Sydney Sweeney. (Dlisted)

Lainey had a good laugh at the Twitter thread that used the characters from Succession as screenwriters, but it also made her quite angry. (The Latest on Lainey)

As Live! hosts, Kelly and Mark aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. (Celebitchy)

(From the Daily Beast) Rest in peace, BuzzFeed News.

According to Claude, fandom was a bad decision. But let’s be serious here: why would you expect a celebrity to sign an autograph for a project in which they are not participating? (EW)

It’s time for rumors about Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell to begin.

F. Murray Abraham was simply cracking jokes, you people. (Variety)

Is Adam Driver the actor that will play Reed Richards for Marvel? It seems like a somewhat uninteresting option. (This is for Mary Sue)

There will be no further legal action taken against Alec Baldwin after this. (Deadline)

I… what? I heard that from Petr. Vera Farmiga covers Slipknot. (YouTube)

On Twitter, Elon Musk truly eliminated heritage verified accounts, but of course, he did so in the most nasty and petty manner that was conceivable. (The Verge)

The Colombian government expresses its regret for having referred to Luigi as gay. (Kotaku)

Is it possible to summarize a book in exactly 15 words? In recognition of the fact that Cannonball Read is now in its 15th year, jomidi has issued a challenge for all of us to review any book using only 15 words while also making a gift of $15. For instance: “Book was terrible, but I forced myself to finish it so that I could discuss it with my book club.” We’ve all been in that situation!

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