• April 12, 2024

Salma Hayek’s New Pictures Should Be Studied for Science and Religion 2023

There are a lot of models and influencers on Instagram that are absolutely smoking hot, and it makes me wonder how we can possibly be the same species. She baffles me much in the same way as Emily Elizabeth does (WSD’s live-in girlfriend; I know, it drives me mad every time I hear about it).

There is also Salma Hayek to consider. This phenomenon is so strange that I don’t even know how to adequately explain it. This is not a “woah, check out this hot chick on IG” type of situation.

The New Salma Hayek Films Should Be Analyzed for Philosophical and/or Theological Reasons

This is comparable to early humans discovering how to make fire. These were the very first steps taken on the moon. The manufacturing of a Brick Watch. Things that people will continue to learn about and discuss for decades or even centuries to come.

Things that don’t make any sense logically, yet are examples of unusual accomplishments throughout history that were never before supposed to be conceivable. Salma Hayek is said achievement. She ought to be used by the scientific community as their poster-child example of what is possible for mankind to achieve on this planet.

On the other side, if I were the church, I would point to her as evidence that God does really exist. Forget about Noah’s ark; nobody has any faith in that nonsense. But Hayek? She had the ability to have me singing hymns on the Sunday service.

56 years old and hasn’t even started to reach his potential yet. Someone should put her bathwater in a container because she is the fountain of youth that we have been searching for.

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