• March 1, 2024

Pakistani artisans wow netizens with Shah Rukh Khan sand picture on Balochistan beach 2023

People have been sharing several gorgeous pieces of art on social media platforms as of late. Pakistan’s Rashidi artists group from Balochistan have made a sand image of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Sameer Soukat, a member of the group, uploaded an aerial photograph of the sand image on Instagram. The image, which was created on Gadani Beach in Pakistan, has meticulous features and “SRK” scrawled at the bottom.

The Rashidi Artists Gaddani group’s sand portrait of Shah Rukh Khan has undoubtedly left a mark on SRK fans and art lovers.

Sameer Soukat added in the photo’s caption, “The largest sketch of @iamsrk was created and donated by myself, @sameershoukat11, and my crew.” Since the post was published four days ago, it has garnered over 840 likes and a number of favorable comments from those who were amazed by the artwork. Several shared their delight by leaving remarks such as “Splendid artwork,” “Fantastic, buddy. You performed really well,’ and ‘The King of India and Bollywood.”

Shah Rukh Khan is a global celebrity renowned for his charisma, blockbuster films, and affability. It is therefore not surprising that a sand image of him drawn by Pakistani artists has gone popular on social media. Sameer Shoukat uploaded the image to Instagram and Twitter, where it attracted the attention of SRK fans and art enthusiasts alike.

The sand portrait was created on Balochistan’s Gadani beach and caught in a breathtaking drone photograph. In a video posted on Twitter, Sameer can also be seen supine on the gigantic painting.

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