• April 19, 2024

Padma Lakshmi Debuts in a SI Swimsuit 2023

Lakshmi, who began her modeling career in college, had a full-day photo shoot with photographer Yu Tsai in Dominica to document her dazzling debut. Lakshmi’s list of accomplishments continues to expand with her selection as a model for SI Swimsuit.

Five incredible photographs from the assignment are available on SI Swim.

“Mother, author, activist, television host, producer nominated for an Emmy, philanthropist, and now Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.” MJ Day, editor-in-chief of SI Swimsuit, stated, “Padma’s list of accomplishments is as impressive as she is, and it is an absolute honor to feature her in the 2023 issue.” “The significance of Padma’s presence is multifaceted.

She is present because she has never felt better on the inside and out. At the age of 52, she has crafted an existence that authentically reflects who she is: a strong, beautiful, brilliant, accomplished woman in her prime. She is here to remind us that women can be all of these things while still feeling beautiful as hell. The photographs will speak for themselves.”

Lakshmi is also an actress, New York Times best-selling author, philanthropist, activist, culinary personality, and mother, in addition to holding the coveted title of SI Swimsuit model.

In addition to producing and presenting Bravo’s Top Chef, she also hosts and serves as executive producer for Hulu’s Taste the Nation. Lakshmi is also the author of Tomatoes for Neela, a best-selling children’s book, as well as a memoir and multiple cookbooks.

Lakshmi is the co-founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America and was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme in 2019.

Regarding her shoot for SI Swimsuit, Lakshmi spoke highly of the experience.

Lakshmi explains, “From the first conversation to the fitting to every interaction I’ve had with MJ and everyone, they have stressed the importance of my feeling good and being comfortable.”

“I want everyone to see this photograph and realize that a whole new phase that is even more exciting than anything you’ve ever experienced can sometimes begin after the age of 40.”

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