• March 2, 2024

Netflix feud: Maria Bello? Meet Jordan’s actress from Steven Yeun’s dark comedy 2023

In the new Netflix comedy-drama series Beef, Maria Bello portrays Jordan. Although she does not play the protagonist, Bello gives an outstanding performance as Amy’s supervisor, who is one of the show’s main characters.

Maria Bello was born in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on April 18, 1967. She attended Radnor, Pennsylvania’s Archbishop John Carroll High School and is of Italian and Polish descent.

After studying political science at Villanova University, she honed her acting skills in multiple New York theater productions.

Maria Bello’s filmography and career

Initially, Maria Bello appeared in television programs such as The Commish, Due South, Nowhere Man, Misery Loves Company, and ER. Her major break came when she was appointed as Mrs. Smith in the television spy series Mr. & Mrs.

The show was unfortunately terminated after eight episodes.

She then appeared in the final three episodes of Season 3 of ER as pediatrician Dr. Anna Del Amico and quickly became a regular in Season 4. The actress entered the film industry gradually.

Maria Bello starred in Coyote Ugly and was nominated for two Golden Globes: Best Supporting Actress for The Cooler in 2003 and Best Actress for A History of Violence in 2005.

She subsequently appeared in The Jane Austen Book Club, Assault on Precinct 13, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, etc. The actress subsequently starred in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Demonic, and Prime Suspect. She was a producer on The Woman Monarch, a 2022 film.

Bello and her ex-boyfriend Dan McDermott have a son. In February 2020, while attending the 92nd Academy Awards, Bello announced that she and chef Dominique Crenn became engaged while on vacation in Paris, France, on December 29, 2019.

Together with Aleda Frishman, Barbara Guillaume, and Alison Thompson, she founded WE ADVANCE in response to the 2010 Haiti catastrophe. The organization encourages Haitian women to work together to make healthcare a community priority and eliminate domestic violence.

The actress is also a board member of Darfur Women’s Action Group, a non-governmental organization that engages in activism on behalf of Darfur genocide victims.

In March 2011, Maria Bello led fundraising efforts in Philadelphia and donated to the victims of Japan’s devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

According to The Guardian, she is one of the finest actors who have never been nominated for an Academy Award.

What is the Netflix show Beef about?

Beef was created for Netflix by Lee Sung Jin and stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong as Danny Cho and Amy Lau. Both characters lead separate lives and have no connection to one another.

Everything changed after they were involved in a road rage incident. They are gradually consumed by the life-altering experience as time passes.

IMDb provides the following official summary of Beef:

“Two individuals allowed a road rage incident to steadily engulf their every thought and action.”
In addition to Steven Yeun and Ali Wong, David Choe, Young Mazino, Joseph Lee, and Patti Yasutake also feature in the drama.

The program is executive produced by Ali Wong, Steven Yeun, Lee Sung Jin, Jake Schreier, Alli Reich, and Ravi Nandan. Larkin Seiple oversaw the cinematography, while Harry Yoon was responsible for the editing.

Beef is available on Netflix globally.

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