• March 5, 2024

Muschietti wants The Flash in theaters 2023

Andy Muschietti was frantic for the release of ‘The Flash’ in theaters.

The upcoming DC Extended Universe (DCEU) blockbuster is being helmed by a 49-year-old director who was willing to tolerate delays in order for the Warner Bros. film to be released in theaters.

When asked in a joint interview with his sister and producer Barbara Muschietti if they ever contemplated releasing the film on a streaming service, Andy Muschietti and his sister stated, “There is no other way to release ‘The Flash’ than in theaters.” Warner’s was aware of this, as were we.

Barbara appreciates the pandemic’s extra time to produce the picture and looks forward to its June release.

She stated, “Of course it feels wonderful. We have diligently labored on ‘The Flash’ for nearly four years. We are extremely grateful to WB for collaborating with us to use this additional time to improve the film.

“The pandemic allowed us to have an extended development period, and it also gave us the opportunity to explore visual effects like never before.

We were all aware that ‘The Flash’ belonged in theaters, and we were content to wait for the perfect moment.

Andy explained that the way a film is perceived plays a significant role in his filmmaking process.

The director of ‘It’ stated, “I want our films to be viewed in a communal space, in a theater where they are presented at the volume levels we intended. Clearly, any format that enhances the experience is advantageous.

“The ultimate goal is to give the audience a two-and-a-half-hour emotional roller coaster where they forget about the outside world and their smartphones.”

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