• July 12, 2024

Mountain lion attacks Colorado vacationing couple in hot pool 2023

On March 18, a mountain lion attacked a guy as he was relaxing in a hot tub at a rental property in Chaffee County, Colorado, according to officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW).

Park officials stated in a press statement that the guy and his wife were relaxing in an in-ground hot tub when “he felt something grasp his head.”

A mountain lion attacks a couple from Colorado who are on vacation in a hot pool.

The announcement stated that he and his wife began yelling and throwing water at the animal. The animal was identified as a mountain lion after the wife of the victim grabbed a flashlight and shone it on it.

According to CPW, the animal was spooked by the “light and ruckus” and withdrew as the two continued to shout at it. Eventually, it “climbed a slope near some boulders, where it squatted and proceeded to observe the pair.”

The two said to authorities that they exited the tub and returned to the residence, where they cleansed the man’s wounds and notified the property owner, who subsequently phoned CPW.

According to the press announcement, the victim had “four superficial scrapes on his head and near his right ear.”

The announcement stated that officers concluded his injuries were “consistent with a mountain lion’s claw.”

When cops got at the site, they immediately began searching for the mountain lion, but owing to the low weather and frozen snow on the ground, there were no traces to be seen. They stated in the press release that they did not believe tracking hounds would be effective, so they erected a trap in the area in the hopes of capturing the wild animal.

If you see a mountain lion, remember the “SMART” acrostic:

  • S: Stop. Do not run!
  • M: Make yourself look big.
  • A: Announce your presence in an authoritative voice
  • R: Retreat by backing away slowly.
  • T: Tell an adult (for kids) or wildlife officials about the encounter For residents in high-risk areas for mountain lion encounters, CPW also urges people to follow these simple precautions

Make a lot of noise when you enter and exit the area between nightfall and dawn, when mountain lions are most active.

  • Install outdoor lighting
  • Always observe children and animals when they are playing outdoors.
  • Reduce vegetation to prevent deer hiding spots and refrain from planting non-native plants that deer like eating.
  • Do not leave animals outside overnight – bring them inside or into enclosed barns and shut the doors.

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