• July 12, 2024

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Admit His Excessive Jealousy Is “Ugly” 2023

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos engage in open conversation. In an exclusive footage from Wednesday’s inaugural edition of her new SiriusXM podcast Let’s Talk Off Camera, the pair recounts how Consuelos was “insanely jealous” at the beginning of their relationship.

“My biggest gripe about you during our marriage, and this is not recent because it has changed… but you used to be really jealous, and it was a bitter pill,” Ripa says. It is really difficult to be married to a jealous person.

Ripa reveals that her 1996-married husband previously had “a concept of a situation.”

“That was the first week of our marriage, as we did not go on our honeymoon until much later. In Boston, I visited you when you were working “Ripa recalls. “We dined at an Italian restaurant where the server appeared to be in his seventies, if not eighties. He stooped and said, “And for the principessa?””

Consuelos acknowledges he recalls the encounter and admits he “became angry” at the time.

Ripa recalls, “I thought it was so adorable that this tiny old man called me a princess, so I smiled at him and gave him my order.” “He then left, and you engaged in a terrible brawl.”

“I recall that. At the age of 25, I was somewhat mad “Consuelos responds. “Jealousy, however, dogged me for quite some time. I’m not jealous anymore.”

Ripa tells her husband, “I’m so thankful you’re not,” before Consuelos describes his “character fault.”

“That is unsightly. As unpleasant as it is for the person on the receiving end, it is far more unpleasant on the inside. If it’s any comfort, you are clearly insane “he says. “The jealous individual is aware that their behavior is immoral and nasty, but they are powerless to stop it.”

Consuelos claims he does not know what caused his jealousy to subside, but he explains, “I wanted to do some work on myself, and it was one of the big things I needed to address since it was getting in the way.”

Let’s Chat Off Camera, a SiriusXM and Milojo Productions co-production, launches on March 22. Use Stitcher, the SXM app, or any other podcast platform to listen. Anderson Cooper, Carol Burnett, Edie Falco, Holly Robinson Peete, Joel McHale, Matthew McConaughey, and Nia Long are among this season’s guests.

On April 17, Consuelos will replace Ryan Seacrest as co-host of Kelly Ripa’s morning program, prompting the release of this podcast episode.

Earlier this month, Consuelos told ET, “I’m very happy.” “It’s a privilege. It is such a legendary spectacle. This seat next to my wife is really special to me. She is, in my opinion, the finest in the industry, so I’m quite delighted.”

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