• April 12, 2024

Governor Lamont Closes Executive Branch State Office Buildings Tuesday Due to Snow Storm 2023

Governor Ned Lamont stated today that all executive branch state government buildings would be closed to the public on Tuesday, March 14, 2023, owing to a major winter storm that is expected to strike specific portions of Connecticut on that day.

During this storm-related shutdown, the governor has issued the following directives:

  • All level 2 state employees whose job duties can be performed remotely must telework or request the use of accrued leave;
  • All level 2 state employees whose job duties cannot be performed remotely should not report working in person;
  • All level 1 state employees must report to work as scheduled or directed.

Those previously identified as “non-essential” based on their particular job functions comprise the Level 2 workforce. Level 1 state staff were once deemed “essential.” The nomenclature used for these classes was updated in 2018 by an executive order.

The storm-related decree issued by the governor applies to executive branch state offices. The leadership of the judicial and legislative branches of government makes decisions about the operations of their respective offices.

“This is shaping up to be an unusual winter storm for our little state, since snowfall quantities may vary greatly depending on your location,” remarked Governor Lamont. “Some places may receive a substantial quantity of snowfall, but others may only receive a quarter of that amount or even rain. Considering the current rate of school closures and the fact that we have state offices in every region of the state and state employees who live in every region of the state, we are directing all level 2 state employees to remain at home on Tuesday, and those whose job duties allow them to work remotely should do so.

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