• April 13, 2024

Ed Sheeran to Face ‘Thinking Out Loud’ Copyright Lawsuit 2023

Ed Sheeran, the artist responsible for the blockbuster song “Shape of You,” is due to testify in a lawsuit in which it is alleged that his song “Thinking Out Loud” infringes on a copyright.

According to ‘Mirror.co.uk,’ there are charges that the hit song from 2014 breaches the copyright of the Marvin Gaye classic ‘Let’s Get It On.’ Despite the song’s meteoric rise to the top of the UK charts, there are allegations that the copyright was violated.

The opening statements and the process of selecting a jury are about to get underway in a case in which the heirs of Ed Townsend, who collaborated with Marvin Gaye on the soul classic that was released in 1973, argue that Ed’s song shares “striking similarities” with the soul classic.

Ed Sheeran, who sang “Shape of You,” is due to testify in a copyright action against his “Thinking Out Loud” song.

The lawsuit was first submitted in 2017, and its current proceedings, which are taking place in a federal courthouse in Manhattan, are anticipated to last for one week.

According to “Mirror.co.uk,” “Let’s Get It On” has been a hit ever since it was first released in the year 1968, racking up hundreds of millions of spins, radio plays, and streams over the course of the past five decades.

Ed’s song, which was awarded the Grammy for best song of the year, has a considerably more traditional approach to the subject of love and sex than the one in question.

It is anticipated that both of the tracks would be played for the jury on multiple occasions; nonetheless, it is believed that the words will be irrelevant from a legal standpoint.

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