• May 27, 2024

Bindi Irwin Shares Grace’s 2nd Birthday “Garden Party” Pictures 2023

Bindi Irwin is enjoying the second birthday of her daughter.

The Heavens! The 24-year-old It’s the Irwins alum shared gorgeous photographs of her two-year-old daughter, Grace, with her husband, Chandler Powell, on Instagram.

The photographs caught Grace as she celebrated her second birthday. She wore a dress with blue and white stripes, pastel flowery ruffled sleeves, and a matching bow.

Grace was seen in the first photograph of the carousel standing in front of a table laden with delicacies while holding a party hat and a pink placard with the words “happy birthday” on a wooden stick.

Grace was seen playing with her birthday hat as she sat next to her beautiful birthday cake in the second photograph.

“Garden celebration with our birthday child,” Irwin captioned the image.

A day before the birthday celebration, Irwin sent a touching message to her daughter and included a photo of Powell holding her as Irwin cuddled close to Powell and Powell. The three members of the family posed in snow-covered grass in front of a tree as the sun was setting.

“Our TWO year old child! Happy Birthday to the entire universe! “She initiated the caption.

“You, Grace Warrior, are the brightness in our life. I am continually astounded by your plethora of words and grins, your passion with the natural world/each animal you find, and your adventurous spirit “She stated.

Irwin carried on: “You remind me that the world is a magical place because you find awe in everything. Being your mother is the greatest privilege of my life. I adore you with the entirety of my heart and being.”

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