• June 20, 2024

The Top 10 Custom GPTs Available on the GPT Shop

The popularity of GPTs is further growing thanks to Custom GPTs, which let you design personalized ChatGPT versions with a mix of knowledge, abilities, and directions to suit certain activities.

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Explain Custom GPTs.

In order to have a GPT that helps you and your team for precisely what you want and need, OpenAI just introduced its GPT Store, where you can construct bespoke GPTs that are trained on your unique instructions and knowledge base. Users may design a customized solution for their everyday duties and goals, such generating learning objectives, with the use of custom GPTs.

Code is not needed to build a custom GPT; all you need to know and be able to do is be able to develop one with sufficient guidance. After creating your Custom GPT, you can publish it to the GPT Store so that anybody may use and access it from anywhere in the globe.

Custom GPTs vs. Standard ChatGPTs

Custom GPTs, as opposed to the typical basic ChatGPT, give consumers a more tailored GPT that can meet their goals. In contrast to the normal ChatGPT, which attempts to be a jack of all crafts, the GPT shop provides hundreds of GPTs that are designed for a specific purpose.

For instance, GPTs for creative writing, rules for card or board games, and other topics are accessible in the GPT marketplace.

By using Custom GPTs, users may obtain Custom GPTs that are appropriate for certain uses and save time urging GPTs to generate their desired outputs through quick engineering.

Building Unique GPTs

Please also our other post, How to Make Custom ChatGPT Models: 5 Easy Steps to Personalized GPTs, for a comprehensive how-to. We’ve outlined the key stages below.

You must have access to ChatGPT Plus in order to begin your Custom GPT journey.

An “Explore” button will appear at the top on the left when you log in.

You will be sent to the GPT Store when you click “Explore.”

Click the “Create a GPT” link that appears at the top of the page.

There will be a “Create” option on the left where you may create your own GPT with prompts in simple English. Additionally, you have a “Configure tab” where you may add details about the Custom GPT, like its name, description, and the precise functions and limitations of the tool.

The “Create” and “Configure” tab adjustments that you make will result in these real-time updates. To evaluate its capabilities, communicate your GPT in the preview box on the right.


Initiate your own GPT by stating, for instance, “I want to create a custom GPT that has expert AI and machine learning knowledge,” under the “Create” tab. It will ask you a number of questions in order to personalize your GPT to your precise specifications.

The instructions on the live preview on the left have been changed, as you can see in the image below. Additionally, you’ll see that there are discussion starters like “Let’s chat about your ML project!” on the left-hand side.

Top 10 Unique GPTs for Various Domains

It might be challenging to determine which of the hundreds of Custom GPTs available in the GPT shop is ideal for a certain domain. The top Custom GPTs for particular fields, like data science, coding, marketing, and more, will be covered in this area.

The Greatest Custom GPTs in Data Science

1. Analyst of Data

Have you ever had to quickly produce data visualizations? You may import any file into the Data Analyst Custom GPT, and it will assist you with both data analysis and data visualization. On the DataCamp workspace, let’s try it out with the Bike Sharing Demand dataset.

After loading the data from the file to comprehend its composition and structure, the Data Analyst GPT will proceed to the analysis and visualization stage. The custom GPT will analyze the data, seek input on the analysis’s emphasis, and then provide a visualization.

2. Analytica Data

A customized GPT called Data Analytica offers consumers professional advice and information on anything related to data analysis. For optimal performance, the custom GPT consults more than 2800 pages of data analysis documentation. For individuals who need assistance with exploratory analysis, inferential analysis, descriptive statistics, data cleansing, and data management, Data Analytica provides services.

Customized Advanced GPTs for Coding

3. Codey

Codey custom GPT is the solution you need if you require help with coding-related chores like writing code, debugging, making data visualizations, or managing various files. Both novice and expert programmers seeking a quick fix for code difficulties might benefit from the customized GPT.

4. Grimoire

Grimoire is a GPT with custom code that introduces the idea of prompt-programming. This customized GPT allows you to develop code for any situation. from building a website to troubleshooting it. Grimoire is a great resource for exploring the artistic side of coding.

Top Custom GPTs for SEO and Marketing

5. Search Engine Optimization

Using the power of SEO, SEObot is a totally autonomous bespoke GPT that helps busy founders and other C-suite members concentrate on product development while still generating organic traffic for their websites. In order to analyze your present website content and make sure that the SEO is consistent with your overall message, the custom GPT will need several facts about your website.

6. Weaver of Threads

Utilizing social media sites like X (Twitter) and other marketing strategies are crucial for increasing traffic and maintaining community engagement. A custom GPT called Thread Weaver can generate Twitter threads from a variety of sources, including articles and YouTube videos. To increase engagement through images and click-through rates, you may also make captivating thumbnails for every thread.

Ambient GPTs for Image Production


DALL-E 3, a text-to-image model that focuses on producing visuals for users based on their prompts, is now running on ChatGPT Plus and Bing. Text-based descriptions entered by the user are transformed into imaginative and beautiful graphics by DALLE. DALLE may be used for a lot of things, such leisure activities, personal projects, and website graphics.

8. Canva

Canva has been widely used for sales presentations, social media postings, and other purposes. For individuals who like to easily make graphic designs, there is the Canva custom GPT. Canva GPT relieves you of the visual burden by designing social media posts, presentations, and logos.

Games and Fun with Personalized GPTs

9. Time for the game

Have you ever picked up a game and been baffled by how it operates? Whatever your age, Game Time is a personalized GPT that explains card and board games in short. The personalized GPT can explain things to you in a way that makes sense to a five-year-old.

10. Playlist AI

Use PlaylistAI to create a custom Spotify playlist that suits your likes and inclinations. Users will always have the newest music added to their personalized playlists thanks to Spotify’s seamless integration, which is powered by sophisticated algorithms that recognize their preferences.