• May 24, 2024

Vitamin D and health: shattering conventions, igniting hope

The protracted quest for a treatment for rickets, a debilitating bone disease that affects children, came to an end in 1920 with the discovery of vitamin D. In less than ten years, vitamin D fortification of food was underway, and rickets became uncommon in the US. But studying vitamin D wasn’t done until the rickets…

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Bike ScoreĀ®: Associations Between Urban Bikeability And Cycling Conduct In 24 Cities International Journal Of Behavioral Vitamin And Bodily Activity Full Text

Our finding also won’t generalize to other cities, with totally different bicycle infrastructure, climate situations, and cultural norms surrounding train. The World Health Organization estimates that physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for world mortality, leading to about three.2 million deaths globally [12]. Bicycling has been linked to increases in bodily activity and…

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