• June 16, 2024

Everything There Is to Know About Property Lines and Fences

Local zoning regulations must be followed by fences close to property borders. Everything you need to know about Texas’s property line regulations for fences will be covered in this article.

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Texas Property Line Regulations and Fences

In Texas, each localities often have their own ordinances governing property borders and fences. It is advisable to first verify the rules of your city in order to determine what is permitted in your location.

Distance of fence from property boundary

A fence or gate may occasionally need to be set back from the property line by a specific amount. There are rules in many jurisdictions that stipulate fences must be positioned a specific distance away from public highways. Denton, for example, mandates a buffer of ten feet.

Permits for fences

Your city is where fence permits are submitted. Generally speaking, you’ll need to apply for a permission; however, the specifics will depend in your jurisdiction. Generally speaking, approval comes rather quickly unless your concept is exceptionally unusual.

Height of Fence

Jurisdiction-specific standards differ for fence height, much like for other restrictions. Generally speaking, you are not allowed to construct as high in front of your property as you may in the rear, and if you are near a junction, you must go by certain regulations to ensure that your fence does not impede traffic.

How Do Boundary Line Fences Fit In?

Fences built directly on neighboring property lines are not specifically prohibited by Texas law, yet your city or HOA may have more stringent regulations. Generally speaking, you own whatever that is on your side of the property boundary. It’s likely equally owned by you and your neighbor if it’s right on the boundary.

Regarding Fences Within Your Own Land

You are in charge of keeping up any fences that are inside your property boundary. Before installing, bear in mind that this applies to the space beyond the fence all the way to the property boundary.

Furthermore keep in mind that your neighbor could be able to assert legal access to or even ownership of the area beyond your fence if they find themselves using it on a regular basis.

Actions to Take Prior to Erecting a Fence Close to a Property Line

It is required to adhere to certain legal procedures and best practices before constructing a fence in any vicinity close to a property border.

Speak with an Expert

Speak with an expert first. An expert in fence installation and local zoning rules can guide you through typical errors and assist you in designing a fence that meets all local criteria.

Engage with Your Neighbors

Speaking with your neighbors is also a good idea, particularly if you’re developing close to the border. Boundary line fences will be a shared responsibility, therefore they’ll need to support it (and most likely contribute financially as well).Nevertheless, in order to avoid future arguments, you should still find out how they feel about having a fence built close to their property, even if it isn’t on the boundary line.

Purchase a Boundary Survey

Building a fence close to the property border requires an understanding of where the boundaries are. Obtaining a boundary survey before to beginning your project is a smart idea because surveys tend to get out of current over time. Make sure the surveyor you select is adequately insured and has expertise in the residential, commercial, or industrial sector.

Consider Local Laws When Creating a Fence

When you have consulted a surveyor, your neighbors, and specialists, you will be ready to design your fence. When doing so, be mindful of local regulations. Once more, during the design process, an expert may assist you in adhering to all zoning laws.

Obtain a License

When you have a fence design ready, obtaining a permit won’t be a problem. Once more, new fences on residential and commercial properties frequently require this procedure. Additionally, there usually will be a charge, so prepare for that.

FAQs Regarding Property Lines and Fences

Can I erect a fence near a property line?

A decent rule of thumb for property borders between fences is two to eight inches. The laws in your city may, however, differ.

Is it okay if I erect a fence along the property line?

It shouldn’t be an issue if your neighbor is on board and willing to assist you in building and maintaining it. But there can be other rules your HOA has about border line fences.

In Texas, who owns a fence constructed on a property line?

If a fence is right next to a neighbor’s property border, it is often jointly held by the two of them.