• June 20, 2024


Understanding the details of your vessel hire is crucial if this is your first time chartering. To assist you in preparing for your boat consultation, we have assembled the most relevant and up-to-date content, carefully chosen with the specialized knowledge of our professionals. You may charter a private boat and travel the world at your own speed with Yachting Company.

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What are the benefits of chartering a yacht?

One popular choice for luxury charter holidays is a crewed boat hire. The most luxurious settings, spacious cabins, an incredible selection of amenities, and first-rate onboard service may all be yours. Luxury boats are likened to self-contained havens that exude lavishness, as opposed to cruise resorts. You may enjoy complete privacy and on-demand services from a highly experienced crew during your charter experience because there are no set hours or schedules.

What type of boat should I hire?

There is a boat hire ideal for any vacation accessible in Yachting Company’s extensive fleet. A sailing yacht is the favored option for those who want to feel the breeze and experience the seas with full sails, while families and friends wishing to explore paradisiacal islands and bays are more likely to select a luxury motor boat loaded with toys and tenders. To travel remote and uncharted regions, on the other hand, an explorer boat is ideal for adventure seekers. Yachting Company’s excellent staff of consultants will carefully select from a range of opulent boats to suit your demands once you’ve determined what type of trip would be most fun for you.

How many people may I bring on my boat rental?

Most people love the elegance and beauty of renting a boat with friends and family, however some prefer more intimate encounters. In any event, a group of astute professionals from our team will meticulously select an assortment of sumptuous containers to accommodate each member of your gathering.

Where may I go if I rent a private boat?

When you rent a private boat, you may spend your time discovering the sailing region at your own pace. Some of the most enticing and sought-after destinations on earth, such as the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean, are accessible with a boat charter. On their superyachts, some individuals would like to cruise up to the magnificent Norwegian Fjords, leaving the heavily trafficked waterways behind. Give us the details of your dream place, and we’ll make it happen.

What time of day is ideal for yacht chartering?

Renting a boat is a fantastic way to travel the world at any time of year. It is advisable to make reservations in advance if you wish to attend during peak hours. For example, the best months to travel are December and January in the Caribbean, and July and August in the Mediterranean. Make your appointment far in advance to guarantee the best choices from our fleet when hiring a private boat during particular times. Our skilled consultants can assist you in finding the ideal yacht rental for the dates you have in mind.

What can you expect from a boat charter?

Guests must pay the standard charter rate, which includes insurance, the crew, and the usage of the luxurious yacht. Any extra expenses include mooring fees, gasoline, and provisioning costs. The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is paid for and collected before to the charter, covers an additional 25–40% of the usual charter rate that guests typically pay.

Any money that remains after your onboard costs are recorded by the captain of your private crewed charter will be refunded back to you directly. Ask our yachting business consultants about any additional expenses you may be responsible for. There are many different types of contracts depending on where you are bringing your superyacht. Whatever your demands are related to sailing, the professionals can offer accurate quotes.

Is it possible to plan my itinerary while renting a boat?

Yes, one of the main benefits of hiring a boat is the freedom and flexibility it offers. From the moment you step onto your luxurious crewed yacht rental, you may tailor your itinerary to suit your interests. Whether your preference is to depart early every day to explore a new destination or simply to leisurely cruise to nearby bays, your yacht charter crew will be happy to accommodate any request. Take advantage of one of our well chosen boating itineraries, or get in touch with us to design a unique one.

What makes Yachting Company the best option for renting a yacht?

With a staff of very skilled and knowledgeable individuals, Yachting Company is a remarkable global brokerage. You might find something that precisely meets your needs among the 1400 luxury yacht charters that are offered worldwide. Unlike other brokerages who give a standard approach to their charter packages, we adapt our yacht charters to meet your requirements. We can make arrangements for you to visit both popular anchorages and crossings across the Mediterranean as well as less-visited regions.